Zuvuya Agenda 2020 * english (digital PDF)

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«Zuvuya Maya Agenda 2020» (billingual: english/german)

The safe time*compass for challenging times.

With our agenda you not only optimally plan your appointments and projects, but also your very individual life. Thanks to the knowledge of the «laws of time», based on the ancient knowledge of the Mayas and current quantum research, you will receive important information every day on how to best use the day.

The Agenda 2020 is written in German and English. It also contains for the first time daily the moon phases, the two time linesDreamspell“ & the „Longcount„. This product contains only the «Zuvuya Agenda 2020» without the book «Einführung ins Zuvuyasurfen» which will be translated next year.

And because we are already sold  out with the printed and limited version of the «Zuvuya Maya Agenda 2020» we offer you the full Agenda 2020 as a PDF to read and print out at your home.


Our billingual (german/english) printed and limited version of our «Zuvuya Agendas 2020» has already been sold out.

We offer you here instead the digital version as PDF and as a gift as well our (so far only german) introductiory book «Einführung ins Zuvuyasurfen» which will be translated in the next month. But don’t hesitate, because the most important thing is to check every day the qualities of time, and with the pdf, you have the informations always in your pocket.

We guarantee you a magical journey through time and space. Use our agenda to plan your appointments, projects, plans, etc. on a daily basis. … and receive daily useful tips on how to make the most of your valuable lifetime. By the way, with our «Zuvuya Agenda» you will learn the famous «laws of time», which the Mayas have left us and which have been confirmed by the most modern quantum research !

Time has various qualities like speed, density, rhythm and much more. If you apply this knowledge concretely in everyday life, you will literally become the «creator» of your own reality. Because from now on you no longer live IN time, but THROUGH time and use its unimaginably powerful energy to shape your life according to your wishes.

Because «time is art» {T x e = kind} ! That means, your life is more and more transformed into a beautiful work of art that will inspire you and all the people around you.

Our «Zuvuya Agenda 2020» is your «Swiss Army Knife» for optimal surfing on the «waves of time». In addition to an introduction, you also have the opportunity to calculate your birth sign, decode future day energies or to better understand in retrospect why something has arrived !

For a wonderful introduction, we highly recommend the English book «Practical Guide into the Tzolkin» by Mariela Maya » Klick here !